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Alignments and playing schedules for the 2024 adult contact season are now confirmed and have been shared with teams.

We would like to once again thank BAFRA for their input and support with finalising this year’s contact schedule to help ensure that as many games as possible can be covered by officials.

Find all of the information regarding the 2024 adult contact league season on LeagueRepublic.

2024 relegations and commitment bonds
A small number of adult contact teams who participated or were in the published alignment for last season have been relegated, have chosen to step down to associate level for 2024, or have exited the National Leagues entirely. A number of teams have also been issued with red/yellow cards.

– Dunfermline Kings (Exited League before Red Card)
– DC Presidents (Red Card)
– Halton Spartans (Exited League before Red Card)
– Torbay Trojans (Exited League before Red Card)
– Lancashire Wolverines (Demoted to D2 and Yellow Card)
– Darlington Steam (Demoted to D2 and Yellow Card)
– Essex Spartans (Demoted to D2 and Yellow Card)
– Aberdeen Roughnecks (No D2 Scottish Division to demote to – due Yellow Card but exited league to associate status before start of season)
– Crewe Railroaders (Exited league to associate status before start of season)

Lancashire, Darlington and Essex are subject to pay a £500 Commitment Bond for participation in 2024 competition. Their Yellow Cards will be 24 month sanctions as outlined in the BAFA Competition Rules.

In addition, we have welcomed the merger of Essex Spartans and East Essex Sabres under the banner of Essex Tridents. The Essex Tridents entity will inherit the demotion and commitment bond due from Essex Spartans and will therefore compete in SFC2 East.

Outcome of 2023 commitment bonds
Following a review of forfeited games during the 2022 season, some adult contact teams were also required to pay a £500 commitment bond to be eligible for inclusion in scheduling and participation in the 2023 BAFA National Leagues season. Teams who were eligible for a refund due to the successful completion of their season were:
– Kent Exiles
– Swindon Storm
– Cornwall Monarchs
– Clyde Valley Blackhawks
– Doncaster Mustangs
– Staffordshire Surge
– London Olympians
– Wakefield District Raiders
– Sussex Thunder
– Crewe Railroaders

DC Presidents unfortunately forfeited their bond, due to not fulfilling their schedule. The £500 forfeited bond will be reinvested back into U16/U19 contact football and teams in these age groups will be advised how this will work over the coming weeks.

Associate teams

The following teams are currently participating in, or indicated they plan to participate in the associate process during 2024 for potential league entry in 2025:
Rossendale Bucks
Torbay Trojans
Heathrow Hurricanes
Plymouth Vanguard
Crewe Railroaders
Aberdeen Roughnecks

What’s next?
Schedules have now been uploaded to our LeagueRepublic results system. It is possible that scheduling changes may still be made where there may be venue issues. Should this be the case, any teams impacted will be engaged with directly to resolve.

U19, U16 and NWFL alignments and schedules have been confirmed with teams. These will also be shared via the BAFA website and social media shortly.