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Great Britain has a proud history of competing in American football tournaments on the international stage.

‘The Lions’, as they are more commonly known, represent Great Britain in various ways. The Men’s Contact team, Women’s Contact team, Men’s Flag team, Women’s Flag team and the U19 and U17 teams all make up GB’s representation on the international stage of American football.

Recent success

The Lions have plenty to be proud of in recent history:

  • Women’s Flag team finished 2nd in the European Championships in 2019.
  • Women’s Contact team finished 3rd in the European Championships in 2019.
  • Men’s Contact team defeated Russia in October 2019.
  • Men’s Contact team finished 5th in the European Championships in 2018 – their first time back in Group A since 2010.
  • Women’s Contact team finished 3rd in the World Championships in 2017.

“[Playing American football internationally] is one of the best experiences that I can ever speak on. There is nothing quite like representing a nation in any sport. When the national anthem is playing those hairs on the back of your neck start to stand up.”

How to become a Lion

BAFA is looking to roll out programmes that will allow us to track athlete performance around the country, but these are currently in early stages. 

The coaches are currently adjusting to the difficulties we have been facing so that when we are able to advance to full return, we are out scouting in several parts of the UK for all teams.