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BAFA's 10-year vision

BAFA has a 10-year vision to professionalise British American football and inspire people to play the game. 

We want to develop a dynamic sport and high-performing National Governing Body where everyone can participate in an accessible, inclusive, safe and enjoyable player-focused environment.

American football is a sport that you should feel proud to play, coach, officiate, and enjoy.

The Four Key Objectives


  • Flag football development strategy
  • Women’s football – playing and growth strategy
  • GB National Football League strategy
  • Schools, colleges and youth strategy
  • University participation and play strategy

Ensuring we have an inclusive offer to create a culture of lifelong participation and establishing the best structure for American football to deliver growth in all formats.

The Four Key Objectives


  • Volunteer strategy
  • Coaching strategy – quality and quantity
  • Referee strategy – quality and quantity
  • Science and medicine staff support strategy
  • Apprenticeships engagement plan

Building a strong, skilled, supported and valued volunteer workforce and the aim, in the medium term, to invest in professionalising the sport in all areas – particularly in the vital areas of coaching and refereeing.

Places to Play

  • Club development strategy
  • Club accreditation process
  • Facilities development and access strategy
  • National Centre for British American football
  • Inclusive game for all

Investing and supporting our clubs and teams to build sustainable communities of football, establishing high quality environments to play and perform

Pathway to Performance

  • Long term athlete development plan
  • GB teams strategy
  • CFL and NFL partnerships
  • Talent development support plans
  • Academies development plan

Creating a long-term athlete development plan to ensure the right progression from the fundamental skills required to achieving GB selection and podium success.




Our Key Beliefs

These are the key beliefs that drive all our decisions and planning as we look to deliver our 10-year vision.


We will be innovative and creative


We will listen to our membership and key stakeholders


We will remove barriers to participation


We will do the right things and do things right


We will create the most engaging playing experience for all our participants