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“What makes a good coach? Complete dedication.” – George Halas, Hall of Fame NFL Coach

High quality coaches can bring considerable success to the team on the field and are integral to developing, sustaining and increasing participation across the sport, and providing a platform for the on-going development of the game.

The coaching of American football is famously synonymous with a chalk board covered in Xs and Os, but coaching is far more than that. A coach can have many roles and a host of responsibilities encompassing areas such as the tactical, technical, physical and psychological development of the players.

The Qualification Structure

The qualifications framework combines both the practical and theoretical, and is designed to support the aspirations of all people interested in coaching American football.

Candidates must be minimum 18 years of age.

  • Level 1

This course is open to individuals who have never coached or played the sport although a basic understanding of American football is required.

The Level 1 qualification is an award suitable for assistant coaches working under the supervision of a more qualified coach but it does suffice for Head Coaches. The module introduces prospective coaches to the basics of being a coach as well as the techniques of the sport itself. The one-day course covers the following:

  1. Health and safety in football
  2. Responsibilities of the coach
  3. Basic teaching and coaching methods
  4. Blocking and tackling techniques
  5. Ball skill techniques
  • Level 2

After attaining the Level 1 qualification a coach must have at least a year of BAFA coaching experience to start Level 2. An exception to this rule is made for individuals with a high degree of previous coaching experience or playing experience in other sports.

The Level 2 qualification builds upon the platform provided by the level 1 award, providing more advanced tactical and technical knowledge and supporting the coach in becoming more effective in working in a supervisory capacity.

The Level 2 qualification includes modules on:

  1. Coaching Philosophy
  2. The Coaching Process
  3. The Coaching Environment
  4. Coaching Young People
  5. Risk Management
  6. Physical capability
  7. Mental skills
  8. Tactical development
  9. Technical Skills
  10. Planning and Preparation

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