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BAFA Wheelchair American Football

We’re launching an exciting new wheelchair version of our sport with the goal of developing local and regional teams within a competitive league structure. We’ll also be exploring opportunities to enter international competition via events such as the Inter-Spinal Games and the Invictus Games. This is part of our long-term vision to make British American football as inclusive as possible.

What is Wheelchair American Football?
This is a fast paced, skilled 7-a-side version of our sport for wheelchair users and non-wheelchair users aged 16+.  The rule book  has been created in partnership with BAFRA with consultation from Move United USA – the people behind NFL Wheelchair Football. Training and games take place on indoor basketball courts, or similarly sized spaced. Participants wear American Football helmets with face guard, and a standard adult American football is used.

How can I get involved?
Over the coming months BAFA will be attending a number of events to promote the new format. If you’re interested in getting involved as a club, a participant or a volunteer please contact BAFA Wheelchair Football Commisioner Gee Griffiths.

Upcoming events

BAFCA Convention – Friday 8 – Sunday 10 July, University of Keele
Disability Awareness Day Warrington – Sunday 17 July, Walton Hall Gardens, Warrington, Cheshire
More Active Disabled People in Sport Conference – Thuraday 21 July, University of Worcester
Forces Veterans Disabled Games – tbc