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Welcome to the new BAFA Teaching Football page

BAFA In Schools

The recommended discipline of American Football in schools is flag football and this is used in BAFA's School Games scheme. This schools format is a safe, inclusive non-contact version between two teams of five players and equally appropriate to both boys and girls. This award-winning tag version offered by BAFA provides both competition and festival formats to suit pupils of all abilities across both primary and secondary schools.

School Games

The School Games formats can be download for free by clicking the button below. These include six challenge activities, flag football festival and 5v5 competition instructions.

Click here

To support the School Games resources we will soon be launching a new BAFA ‘schools toolkit’ that will support teaching American Football in schools from setup, to team-play, strategy, rules and leadership and officiating, as well as additional challenge activities including ‘Double Threat’, ‘Run the Gauntlet’ and more…

BAFA is committed to supporting those involved in the planning and delivery of Physical Education and School Sport if they wish to include American football. New resources are planned to support teachers in their delivery of football along with ones targeted to support football clubs in engaging more effectively with schools and other key partners.


NFL UK Flag Programme


In the short term, provides a wealth of resources to support people looking to try Flag football for the first time and tag Rugby belts are more than suitable for use. We also highly recommend the free How to Coach Kids 30-minute course to ensure all coaches are delivering positive experiences to all young people.

BAFCA will soon be rolling out a ‘Teaching Football in Schools’ course. This course is suitable to primary & secondary teachers, sports coaches, School Games Organisers & BAFA registered club coaches. Please click here for more details.

Schools that are not School Games schools should refer to the Touchdown Football Programme Resources listed below.

For School Games schools, the rest of the resources on this page will guide you through the new Competition Formats and the Challenge Cards.

The Touchdown Football programme resources


One of the many benefits of Flag football in schools is that most schools already have most of the pre-requisite equipment: – cones and tag belts. Ball sizes vary between pee-wee/K2, through to junior, youth and full size. These can be found at various UK stores including;

Football America

American Football UK


BAFA Basics for…

BAFA Basics of…

BAFA’s Basics of’’ provide key information about three key aspects of the programme:

Look out for the “School Games Friendly” logo on teams’ social media accounts to see which programmes run to School Games specifications.

Video resources

For teachers unfamiliar with American football, please view the illustration videos on BAFA’s YouTube channel of the Competition formats and Challenge Card activities (see also Refer also to the ‘BAFA’s Basics for’ Primary & Secondary Schools and the ‘BAFA Basics of’ for quick over-views of the following videos:

Touchdown resources

Available only after attending the Teachers’ Induction Day. For more information, see ‘BAFA’s Basics for Teachers and Schools’.

Further Information

Go to for details on the exclusive products sold to support the School Games activities.

Go to for details on the new Touchdown Awards.

Contact for details about the new Touchdown Junior Flag Activator Certificate

For any questions or for more information please contact