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The Adult Contact discipline is the most popular way to play American football in Great Britain

History of the National Leagues

As the oldest continuous league in Britain, the Adult Contact League has undergone significant change over the years. However the current three-tier system has been in place for the past decade. The Premier Division, Division 1 and Division 2 make up the Adult Contact National League.

The Premier Division

The Premier Division has 12 teams divided into North and South Conferences.

The top two from each conference enter the play offs with the National Champion being decided in the National Championship Britbowl final.  The bottom team from each conference is relegated to Division 1. The 2019 National champions are the London Warriors.

Division 1

Division 1 follows the same competitive structure. The finalists of the Divisions 1 Britbowl are both promoted to the Premier division. The 2019 Division 1 National Champions are the Solent Thrashers.

Division 2

Division 2 also has a competitive season and serves as a proving ground for new teams or the division where teams from higher divisions might play if rebuilding their programmes.

Brit Bowl XXXIII – London Warriors vs Tamworth Phoenix

On 1st September 2019, the London Warriors, representing the Premier South, took on the Premier North Conference champions Tamworth Phoenix in Brit Bowl XXXIII (33).

The game is brought to you by Onside TV.

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