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There are plenty of ways to play American football in Great Britain – you just have to find the league that suits you.

BAFA tries to be as inclusive as possible. The range of disciplines and teams on offer provides as many people as possible the opportunity to play some form of the sport.

The first step to becoming a player is deciding which playing discipline you prefer – Contact or Flag.

For those who enjoy the tackling and physical aspects of sport, full contact is ideal. If you want to enjoy playing American football without the physicality of the contact game, Flag Football offers a perfect alternative.

Once you have decided which style of the game suits you best, it’s time to select the appropriate league to join. Below you can find all of the different leagues BAFA is proud to offer. Please click on the options below to find out more.

Children's Contact

Under 16s and Under 19s

Adult Flag

Age 16+

Children's Flag

Under 11s, Under 14s, and Under 17s