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The Canadian Football League and Great Britain Men’s National Programme will hold a joint combine on Saturday 17 February at the University of Nottingham’s David Ross Sports Complex.

The combine, presented by PlayerLayer, will evaluate the athletes’ athletic ability through combine drills (laser-timed 40 yard dash, vertical and broad jump, pro-agility and three cone drill, bench press) as well as positional drills on the field.
Great Britain Men’s head coach Jason Scott spoke of his pride at launching this new initiative with the CFL for 2024. He commented: “It’s great to partner with the CFL to give our athletes an opportunity to showcase their skills, abilities and athleticism.”
“I firmly believe that we have some of the best players in Europe, and this will give them an opportunity to put themselves in the shop window for both the CFL and other European professional leagues.
“We are committed to growing the game in the United Kingdom, and developing the first BAFA National Programme combine is another feather in our cap.”

Quarterback Louis Benzey at a recent Great Britain Men’s camp. Image courtesy of Brandon Hattiloney.

Fifty athletes were selected following consultation with BAFA National Programme Coaches and CFL executives to find players who best fit the profile of draft prospects – both for this year’s combine, and for future talent identification.
While the typical age range for CFL prospects is between 23 and 26, National Programme coaches have widened their combine selection to showcase the quality of athletes within our programmes, selecting athletes from 18 to 28 years of age.
The CFL’s Senior Coordinator of Global Scouting Lawrence Hopper added: “Every year, the Canadian Football League looks forward to working with BAFA to identify and evaluate the top athletes the UK has to offer for an opportunity to compete for a CFL roster spot.
“We have had tremendous success in previous years, as the combine has introduced athletes that have gone on to get drafted and play in the CFL, such last year’s 18th overall Global draft pick Emmanuel Falola.
“We’re excited to see who will separate themselves and take advantage of the opportunity this year.”
The full list of invited athletes, all members of Great Britain’s Men’s and U19 programmes, can be found below:
QB  – Louis Benzey
QB  – George Reynolds
QB  – Corey Badry (U19 Athlete)
RB  – D’wayne Obi
RB  – Aaron Sekwalor
RB  – Tyrrell Bovelle
RB  – Lewis Munt
RB  – Tof Lala
RB  – Emmanuel Abedi-Bawa
RB  – Paddy Chapman
WR  – Tommy Wilson
WR  – Max Gracie-Ainscough
WR – Ryan Wakeling
WR  – Daniel Pedro
WR  – Michael Johnson
WR  – Henry Rowland
WR  – Isaiah Ameachi
WR  – Ben Harrison
TE  – Finley Old
TE – Alex Baldry
OL  – Taylor Shortland
OL  – Louis Burghes
OL  – Ben Burghes
OL  – Oscar Hardy-Gillings (U19 Athlete)
OL  – Harry Sayer
OL  – Joel Shebioba
DL  – Sammy Robertson
DL  – Cedric Akrong
DL  – Arthur Mbahin
DL  – Daniel Obinkwo
DL  – Emmanuel Adebayejo
DL/LB – Mark Stewart
DL/LB  – Mapalo Mwansa
DL/LB – Niall Ashworth
LB  – Arthur Kingdom
LB  – Rio Savvaris
LB  – Jenson Bosworth
LB  – Herculas Pretorius
LB  – Zac Cooney-Quinn
LB  – Luke Neill
LB  – Jack Redhead (U19 Athlete)
DB – Joe Cassidy
DB  – Manny Ikharo
DB  – Khalid Adisa
DB  – Freddie Burton
DB  – Danylo Szlachetko Blackburn
DB  – Eddie Onamade
DB  – Tom Seager
DB  – Gibril Krubally (U19 Athlete)

All images courtesy of Brandon Hattiloney.