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The Great Britain American Football team, affectionately known as the Mane Men, embarked on a spirited training camp this weekend, setting the stage for an exciting 2024 season. The camp provided a platform for new talents to integrate seamlessly into the squad.

Amidst the drills and camaraderie, Defensive Line coach Steven Gregory, expressed his satisfaction with the team’s progress. “It was a great first session” he said. “We have a lot of players making the transition from club level, and our focus is on pushing them to become the best versions of themselves. The aim is to make this transition as smooth and ironed out as possible.”

Stuart Robinson, a seasoned linebacker, shared his enthusiasm for the new recruits. “It was really good to see the new guys getting involved” Robinson noted. “Those who have come through the trials look really promising. The energy and tempo during the training sessions were fantastic, setting a positive tone for the upcoming challenges.”

Jamaal Fredericks, a key player in the defensive line expressed optimism from the day. “Today felt good,” Fredericks said. “Everyone is raring to go, and the team looks excited and ready to get playing. Personally, I feel good after a solid rest and time off. There was great energy on the pitch, and we have a strong ethos in the team.”

Fredericks emphasised the team’s unity and the importance of a cohesive environment. “Most people we bring in fit into the mold, and we set the precedent that we don’t bring any rivalries across from club level,” he explained. “We help each other out, gel together, and set the work to do as a united front. The camaraderie is crucial for our success on the field.”

With the buzz generated from this weekend’s camp, all signs point to another promising season for the Mane Men in 2024.

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