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Please be aware of a number of improvements and enhancements that are being introduced to BAFA’s JustGo membership system with effect from Wednesday 13 December, 2024.

As detailed in our announcement in October, we’ve been working on a number of improvements to BAFA’s JustGo membership system for contact football and we’re pleased to confirm will be live from early tomorrow morning.

Key changes and enhancements for everyone include:

  • A digital membership card, that can be stored in Google wallet and Apple pay on mobile devices, making it easy to demonstrate proof of active membership. All new members will receive an email prompting them to download this. Existing members will also receive an email prompt for this too.
  • Free access to JustGo Rewards. New members will be offered the opportunity to opt in for no charge when purchasing a membership, and existing members will be able to login and add this benefit on. JustGo Rewards adds extra value to BAFA membership, providing exclusive discounts and rewards at high street retailers, restaurants and cinemas.
  • Membership upgrades will now be automatically handled within JustGo – reducing the need for the majority of manual bank payments to ‘top up’ to membership and removing the need to wait for BAFA registrations to process your request. Discounts will automatically be applied at checkout. For example, a Women’s Contact member who wishes to buy an Adult Contact membership will be prompted to only pay the £5 top up fee at checkout. And those who have purchased the Adult/NWFL trial membership will have the £12.50 fee automatically deducted from purchase of a full membership.
  • An international transfer declaration now features on player membership purchase screens – players will be required to confirm they have never played for another IFAF federation linked team, or that they have completed the appropriate transfer or self-declaration.
  • Members will be able to select to auto-renew their primary membership purchase on 1 Oct annually. This option can be selected when purchasing a membership, and can be cancelled or added on in the Finance tile in JustGo at any point.

Key changes and enhancements specific to Coaches include:

  • The category of PlayerCoach is being discontinued. Members will be able to purchase a discounted playing (or coaching) membership in addition within the system instead. This will allow members to more accurately allocate themselves to teams in the role they actively hold. Players who both coach and play for the same team will display as both players and coaches on gameday rosters. Members who have already purchased a PlayerCoach membership will be appropriately reallocated as players and coaches on the system.
  • The category of University Coach is being discontinued. This is due to feedback that it causes confusion on National Leagues rosters. All members who currently hold this membership type will be automatically changed over to Coach Contact as part of the migration. Coach Contact will be the only valid coaching membership category going forward.
  • Coaches will be promoted to confirm their primary coaching role, the year they started coaching and accept the BAFCA Code of Practice for Coaches when buying a membership.
  • Coaches will be required to have already uploaded coaching qualifications or will be prompted to do so before they can purchase a coaching membership. Between now and January these do not have to be approved to purchase a membership, and a minimum of one qualification including the USA Youth Tackle Certification is required to proceed to checkout. This will be revised in the new year to more accurately reflect BAFCA’s requirements.

Please note – National Leagues photo rosters may not display correctly over the new few weeks as further work is being done behind the scenes on the membership logic that generates them.  Please use your club view instead to check member status, or contact

Please can you help us by….

  • Being patient … while we hope this transition will be seamless for all members and the updated membership purchase journey will be intuitive, we may be busier than usual over the next few weeks dealing with related queries as well as working to update all our user guides.
  • Reporting any issues – please let us know if you encounter anything unexpected or have any questions by contacting