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Contact memberships for teams and individuals for the 2023-2024 period are now available to purchase via the Bafa JustGo membership system

Please note, if you have an existing 2022-2023 individual membership it will not expire until 31 October 2023, but we are opening memberships now to make it easier for you to ensure continuous coverage.

Individual memberships
Having remained frozen since 2019, membership fees for the new period are as detailed below. However, an ‘early bird’ rate will be available for individual memberships at last season’s rates until 31 October.

Category Early Bird (fixed at 2023) New rate
From 1 Oct – 31 Oct From 1 Nov
Adult Contact £50.00 £55.00
Women’s Contact £50.00 £55.00
Associate Adult Contact £40.00 £45.00
U19 Contact £15.00 £17.50
U16 Contact £15.00 £17.50
Associate U16 Contact £5.00 £7.50
Associate U19 Contact £5.00 £7.50
Coach £57.50 £65.00
Player-Coach uplift £10.00 £12.50
Non-Coaching Staff £5.00 £7.50
Practice only adult trial membership £10.00 £12.50


We will also once again be offering a 50% discount on adult playing memberships from 1 July 2024 for the remainder of the season to support late joiners.

A reminder that trial memberships for adult contact and NWFL are valid for pre-season only – expiring on March 31 2024. Practice only members will not appear on game rosters or be valid for pre-season friendly games. This is designed to allow new players, players returning after injury or absence, BUCS players and those moving up from U19 who may be unsure if they want to commit to being a full team member to have an extended and insured trial period with their team.

Team fees  
Team entry fees are paid by purchasing a team membership via the BAFA JustGo registration system. Only a club admin can do this. For 2023 entry the deadline for all formats of contact football is 10pm on Monday 21 November.

From this membership period onwards, team fees will be tiered for adult contact, NWFL and U19 teams with the top divisions of each format paying more than the lower divisions. All clubs with adult contact, NWFL and u19 teams should purchase a base team membership of £125 for adult contact, £50 for NWFL and £50 for u19 teams. Once alignments have been confirmed, Premiership and Division 1 adult contact teams,  women’s 9’s teams and Division 1 U19 teams will be sent a link to pay an additional upgrade fee to enter the top tiers.

Team category 2022-2023 fee new fee
Adult Premiership £125 £200
Adult D1 £125 £150
Adult D2 £125 £125
Associate Adult £30 £40
Women’s Contact National (9s) £50 £75
Women’s Contact Regional (7s) £50 £50
U19 D1 (9s) £75 £75
U19 D2 (7s) £75 £50
U16 £50 £50
Associate U16 £15 £20
Associate U19 £15 £20

Changes to BAFA JustGo membership coming soon
We are in the process of working through a number of improvements to functionality in JustGo during the off-season period and you may see some changes to look and feel over the coming months.

This includes introducing a digital membership card, which will be available via the JustGo Digital Wallet . This will display real-time information from your JustGo profile in your Apple or Google wallet and provide a convenient way to confirm the membership status and qualification status for our coaches. Other changes for coaches include migrating coaching qualifications to the credentials section to enhance the tracking and validation of all certificates uploaded.

Also coming soon at no additional charge, our members will be able to opt into JustGo rewards – offering exclusive discounts and rewards at high street retailers including Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys, Apple, Currys, Argos, John Lewis, B&Q, Halfords, and many more, as well as restaurants and cinemas.

We will be revising our user guides and sharing information about any changes as they come online.

If you have any questions, please contact