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Great Britain Lions Men’s American Football have announced their traveling squad to compete against Denmark for 5th place in the 2023 IFAF European Championship.

[Copenhagen, Denmark, October 28, 2023] – The Great Britain (GB) Lions Men’s American Football squad is gearing up for an exciting international match against Denmark. The game is scheduled for Saturday, October 28, 2023, at the Gentofte Sportspark in Copenhagen, Denmark, with a 4:00 PM local kickoff time (3:00 PM BST).

This pivotal matchup, taking place in the heart of Copenhagen, will see the GB Lions Men’s American Football Squad compete for 5th place in Europe. The game promises to be a thrilling contest between two elite American football teams vying for a prestigious spot in the European rankings.

The GB Lions have assembled a formidable roster of talented athletes and dedicated coaching staff, all of whom have been preparing diligently for this high-stakes encounter. This game is set to be a showcase of exceptional American football talent. The game can be watched live on YouTube at

Images courtesy of Brandon Hattiloney

The GB Lions Men’s American Football Squad (Sponsored by Performance Stretch UK and Matt Davies Leadership) for the game includes the following players and sponsors:

Jersey #, Surname, First Name, Position, Club Team
2, Campbell, Thomas, RB, Allgau Comets
3, Onamade, Edward, DB, Bristol Aztecs
4, Kirby, Lewis, WR, Tamworth Phoenix (Sponsored by Overdot)
6, Bamber, Adam, WR, Manchester Titans
7, Warren, Robert, LB, London Blitz
9, Fossey, Sam, DB, Manchester Titans (Sponsored by Performance Stretch UK)
10, Hamilton, Joseph, WR, London Blitz (Sponsored by BB Essentials UK)
11, Bailey, Struan, WR, East Kilbride Pirates
12, Bloomfield, Samuel, QB, Manchester Titans (Sponsored by Watson Ramsbottom Solicitors and Next Goal Wins and Statesigned)
13, Gracie-Ainscough, Max, WR, Manchester Titans
15, Claudio, Ryan, DB, London Blitz
17, Lenkowski, Alexander, K, Manchester Titans (Sponsored by Gameday Kicking & CrossFit 3D)
18, Robinson, Stuart, LB, Manchester Titans (Sponsored by Arrival Athletic)
19, Selormey, Jason, DB, London Blitz
21, Szlachetko Blackburn, Danylo, DB, Manchester Titans
24, Bovelle, Tyrrell, RB, East Kent Mavericks (Sponsored by Niocomm)
27, Dokubo Junior, Tonye DB, London Blitz
30, Hobbs, William, DB, Nottingham Caesars (Sponsored by Performance Stretch UK)
31, Delva, Ricky, DB, Manchester Titans (Sponsored by Echelon Sport)
35, Nicholson, Joe, RB, Manchester Titans (Sponsored by Amy Gibson, Sports Massage & Personal Training)
36, Naughton, Anthony, LB, Tamworth Phoenix
40, Bosworth, Jenson, LB, University of Nottingham
42, Sekwalor, Aaron Odell, RB, Rushmoor Knights
44, Partington, Joseph, LB, Manchester Titans
45, Savvaris, Rio, LB, London Blitz
48, Kingdom, Arthur, LB, Manchester Titans
49, Charles-Nwufoh, Nelson, LB, Tamworth Phoenix
53, Thomas, Lewis, OL, Milano Seamen
54, Fredericks, Jamaal, DL, London Warriors (Sponsored by Fairmort Ltd)
56, Ahmed, Ibrahim, OL, London Blitz
60, Bunce, William, OL, Bristol Aztecs (Sponsored by Huboo Technologies)
61, O’Connor, Martin, OL, London Warriors
64, Phillips, Alexander, OL, London Warriors
73, Watts, Andrew, OL, Northumberland Vikings
74, Cornwall-Baptiste, Lawrence, OL, Berlin Thunder
80, Old, Finley, TE, University of Nottingham
81, Fulford, Anousheh, WR, Manchester Titans
85, Rowland, Henry, TE, London Warriors (Sponsored by Vivid Resourcing)
87, Cook, Sean Patrick, TE, Bristol Aztecs
91, O’Connell, Matthew, DL, Merseyside Nighthawks (Sponsored by Taplin Accountancy)
92, Williams, David Temiloluwa, DL, London Blitz
94, Makin, Cade, DL, Manchester Titans
96, Robertson, Samuel, DL, Nottingham Caesars
98, Akinyemi, Michael, DL, London Blitz
99, Zeqiri, Rodon, DL, London Warriors

The coaching staff for the GB Lions Men’s American Football Squad includes:

– Head Coach: Jason Scott (University of Nottingham)
– Offensive Coordinator: Adam Lillis (East Kent Mavericks)
– Defensive Coordinator: Duncan Burford
– Special Teams Coordinator: Matthew Davies
– Running Backs Coach: Deji Alli (Tamworth Phoenix)
– Senior Quality Control: Luke Carlton (Manchester Titans)
– Defensive Line Coach: Stephen Gregory (Tamworth Phoenix)
– Offensive Line Coach: Kevin Keohane (Sponsored by OlineUK)
– Quarterbacks Coach: Alec Glen (University of Nottingham)
– Linebackers Coach: Eddie Cheadle
– Wide Receivers Coach: David Gibbs (Portsmouth Destroyers) (Sponsored by DangerousWR)
– Defensive Backs Coach: George Foster (Manchester Titans)
– Special Teams Coach: Stuart Gilmour (East Kilbride Pirates) (Sponsored by Almond Engineering)

– Linebackers Coach: Ben Davies (University of Nottingham)
– Defensive Graduate Assistant: Dean Malpas (Nottingham Caesars)
– Operations Coordinator: Lloyd Stone (Nottingham Caesars)
– Team Manager & Tight End Coach: Grant Lawless (Nottingham Caesars) (Sponsored by TEUK)
– Physiotherapist: Alex Walker
– Physiotherapist: Natalie Bubb

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for any of the above players or coaches for this game or would like to discuss sponsorship for the 2024 team, please contact for more details

Images courtesy of Brandon Hattiloney

Trials for the 2024 National Team Program will take place on Saturday, December 16th, 2023, at the University of Nottingham, as the GB Lions continue to build for future success, details to follow.