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BAFA is launching a review of existing strategies for Flag Football in the UK.

With the sport set to gain greater prominence in Britain’s sporting consciousness  assessing the state of the game will ensure we are well placed to adapt and grow.

It will help us understand what changes might still be needed to future-proof the game in this country.

BAFA Flag Commissioner Kyle Taylor said: “We have reached a seminal moment for the sport domestically. With our adult and inaugural youth national teams in final preparations ahead of their respective European Championships, our new partnership with NFL UK and the exciting newsthat we have secured funding to develop some of the best young Flag Footballers through the Diploma in Sports Excellence, Flag is gaining real momentum.

“The distinct possibility that Flag Football will become an Olympic sport is also on the near horizon – a prospect that represents the dreams of many in the community and means that Flag is primed to explode in popularity in the UK. It’s absolutely critical that we stay ahead of the curve, capitalise on the positive global momentum and position ourselves nationally as a model for the sport in 2024 and beyond. I want to say a huge thank you to all those who have contributed their time and played a part in helping us reach this peak. It’s time to start the climb to the next.”

In a similar mould to the earlier announcement regarding a review of Contact Football, the review will reflect on how BAFA as a National Governing Body can best lead and support the Britball community in our common goal of ensuring the long-term growth and success of the Flag in the UK.

Why do we need a review?

A lot of good work has already been done, and we are starting to reap the dividends. However, we recognise that improvements still need to be made to support the potentially explosive growth of the game, make the most of our opportunities and partnerships, inspire more people to play and potentially fulfil their Olympic dreams.

Why now?

The global landscape of the sport has shifted and after three years of the same strategic plan, it’s prudent that we reassess as nobody has a crystal ball. We are also now entering the quieter part of the annual BAFA Flag calendar which generally represents our planning period.

What’s in scope for the review?
The review will focus on but is not limited to.

  • Enablement of a comprehensive ecosystem for Flag Football in the UK
  • Competition structures
  • School and university inclusion
  • Performance formats
  • Financial stability
  • Operations and operational agility

How to contribute your thoughts?

Simply complete this short submission form before August 15th. Please be aware that we may need to reach out to you to discuss your suggestion further.

What’s next?

As this is such a critical juncture for the sport, the strategic review group will be meeting regularly over the summer to further this discussion at pace. Our review of tactical and strategic changes to date plus the input of the Flag Football community via the survey will set a direction of travel for the sport and inform planning as an NGB and our partners for 2024 and beyond.

To ensure transparency, we will release information as decisions are made via dedicated communications to stakeholders and at the annual Flag Town Hall. In the meantime, we ask the community to contribute enthusiastically and recognise it is vital that we take the time to get things right. Whilst this may result in some disruption early in the 2024 season, hopefully these actions will move us towards a brighter future for Flag Football in the UK.

Pics: Brandon Hattiloney