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The British American Football Association is inviting interested parties to tender to manage a number of our Flag Football Competitions.

BAFA recognises its unusual position compared to other UK sporting organisations, acting as both governing body and competition provider and that in the long-term it should act in a governing capacity only. We also acknowledge the current operational constraints, community feedback and the anticipated imminent burst in growth of the game of Flag Football which ultimately demands dedicated focus and greater operational agility. Therefore, to secure the long-term future of the sport, BAFA wishes to re-organise and secure dedicated delivery and management services for its current Flag Football provisions, potentially commencing for the next membership cycle (2024-2025).

The provisions are as follows and prospective suppliers are invited to bid in a modular format, covering one, many or all provisions but clear operational, business and strategic growth plans must be submitted on a per provision basis:

  • National Flag Football League (NFFL)
  • Women’s Flag Football League (WFFL)

At this point, Youth Flag Competition delivery is to be retained within BAFA.

With a focus on the future, we would also invite suppliers to offer suggestion of services to cater for

  • University Flag Football Teams (Outside of BUCS Leagues)
  • School events, clubs and competitions
  • Additional suggested products to influence growth and increased participation in Flag Football

We would like to work with suppliers that can provide a high calibre service commensurate with the standards of our organisation and the high expectations of our current and future Flag Football community.

Any supplier must be able to show a clear understanding of the current state of the game globally alongside the UK sporting landscape and associated existing BAFA strategies. They must also be willing and able to demonstrate how they would work harmoniously alongside BAFA, it’s nominated expert sub-organisations and partners to support a comprehensive ecosystem for the sport in the UK.

We also wish to work with suppliers that will elevate the sport and it’s reach in the UK to new heights and have strong track-records of delivering quality sports management and events services from grassroots to performance levels.

The BAFA Flag Football Competition Management Invitation to Tender (ITT) outlines the aims and objectives of this project including the anticipated services, outcomes and expectations of tendering companies, including information relating to the tendering process and instructions, as well as details of BAFA’s requirements. Enclosed within the ITT document are the following:

  • Document 1 Instructions and information on the tendering procedures.
  • Document 2 Specification of the Requirement.
  • Document 3 Declaration and information to be provided by tenderer.
  • Attachment 1 The Contract (including Schedules 1 and 2, and Annex 1)

Please read the instructions in the tendering procedure carefully. Failure to comply may invalidate your tender which must be returned by the date and time given below. Late tenders will not be considered.

A copy of your tender, in PDF format, must be received by no later than 5pm GMT on Friday 10 May 2024.

Please note, by issuing this invitation, BAFA is not bound in any way and does not have to accept any tender. The evaluation of submitted tenders, and the decision making process to accept any tender will sit exclusively with the BAFA board.

In the meantime, please contact me if you have any questions about the tendering procedure.

Amanda McDonald
BAFA Operations Manager