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Kenny Bello has been appointed to lead BAFA’s Diploma in Sporting Excellence (DiSE) programme.

Last summer, BAFA secured significant funding to develop ten talented young athletes on a two-year Flag Football development programme, and Kenny has agreed to replace his role as BAFA non-executive director to lead the programme.

Pic credit: Brandon Hattiloney @bjhmedia

Bello will be tasked with delivering the Level 3 Diploma and firstly identifying the athletes, who will receive both academic and sport-based learning across the duration of the course. In combination with the role, he will also head up BAFA’s Youth Flag Competitions.

The Londoner has a breadth of experience in American football spanning almost 20 years, including having previously worked for NFL UK on Community and Grassroots Development. He has participated in both the flag and contact disciplines of the sport to the highest level, representing Team GB as a player and a coach.

Following his appointment, he said: “Transitioning from the Board as a non-executive director to assume the role of Head of Youth Flag is an exciting evolution, rich with opportunities for personal and professional growth. I embrace this change with a positive mindset, focusing on the new challenges and possibilities it brings. The chance to make a direct impact on the lives of our youth, channelling my passion and expertise towards their development, is one I welcome. It is a chance to innovate, inspire, and shape future generations – particularly poignant with the inclusion now of Flag in the Olympics. The DiSE programme will play a significant part in this pathway, and I am proud to lead the first ever American football cohort in this endeavour.”