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BAFA is delighted to announce that Beverley Analuwa is embarking on a new role
with a focus on enhancing medical services and support within our sport.

As the Head of Medical & Anti-Doping Lead for BAFA, Beverley will concentrate on delivering crucial operational services and advancing sports medicine within BAFA. She will also work towards aligning medical standards across our governing body.

Beverley has more than 15 years of experience in the sport as a therapist. She previously held the position of National Programmes Lead Therapist, where she oversaw GB therapists and provided pitchside support for domestic and international games.

She will now be the point of contact and medical advisor for our National Programme General Manager and Team Managers, and for BAFA clubs and will act as medical liaison for BAFA finals events and for National Programme home games in collaboration with the new GB co-lead therapists. In addition, she is also keen to extend her skills into the field of Sport & Exercise Psychology and is looking forward to incorporating these skills with her clinical practice, providing additional support to teams and players.

Beverley holds accreditation from UK Anti-Doping as an educator. She will work closely with the National Programme on reporting, as well as to devise, manage, and implement a Clean Sport education strategy. She will also lead BAFA in navigating the assurance framework to meet UK Anti-Doping requirements.

Plans are also being put in place to help support therapists and teams across our National Leagues, explained Beverley: “I’m delighted to take on the challenge of this new role and one of the key things I’m especially excited about is putting in place and overseeing a CPD programme for BAFA registered therapists as well as education for the wider BAFA population such as updates on concussion management. I’ll also be acting as an advisor and mentor for both graduates and experienced therapists new to the sport.“