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Find out about the new structure and how to apply for a role

We made some appointments recently to the BAFA Rules Committee, but there are still some vacant posts remaining and we are inviting further applications.

What is the BAFA Rules Committee?

The BAFA Rules Committee is in place to discuss and decide future changes or amendments to the administrative and playing rules that govern our sport. The Committee is also our liaison to IFAF on rules matters and is responsible for reviewing the effect of previous rules changes.

How does the Committee work?

Our sport is growing and the BAFA Rules Committee now covers an increasing breadth of activity. As well as both contact and flag football disciplines, the committee supports an expanding number of small-sided formats and age groups, as well as student football and new formats such as wheelchair football. In addition, the BAFA Rules Committee needs to align more closely to the number of different committees that govern our sport. 

It’s also our aspiration that the membership of the committee should more closely reflect the membership of BAFA – both in terms of specialist knowledge across our different formats and age groups and equality and diversity.

Some appointees will serve on the overall BAFA Rules Committee and others on specialist working groups (SWGs). The SWGs focus on:

  • Contact football (covering 11 and 9-a-side adult and student)
  • Flag football (covering adult and age-group)
  • Small-sided contact football (covering age-groups and women’s football)
  • Wheelchair football (coming later)

Membership of the SWGs will be drawn from rules experts, such as BAFRA officials, as well as participants who are involved in that format of football, including coaches, players, and club management.

The BAFA Rules Committee will also be reviewing ways of working on rules related topics with the BUCS American football Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) and their American football Coordinator.

Join the BAFA Rules Committee or a Specialist Working Group

We now have new volunteer vacancies for expert and participant member roles across both the BAFA Rules Committee and our Specialist Working Groups.

To be selected as a member, the main criterion is to have knowledge and experience of British American Football, generally with current or previous experience of participating in at least one format. Our secondary criterion will be based around gender, ethnicity, and geographic diversity.

We are particularly looking for people who will expand the diversity of the groups. Currently there are no female members and only a small number from ethnic minority backgrounds.

All BAFA Rules Committee and SWG business will be carried out via online correspondence and meetings, so there is no requirement for travel.

Applicants for all roles should apply, stating which of BAFRA, BAFCA or our flag or contact commissioners they want to be nominated by. Unnominated applicants may be eligible for any otherwise unfilled places. 

Specific vacancies

We are currently recruiting to fill the following vacancies:

  • One member of the BAFA Rules Committee (via BAFRA)
  • Two members of the Contact SWG (one via the Contact Commission; one via BAFRA)
  • One member of the Small-sided SWG (via the Contact Commission)
  • Three members of the Flag SWG (one via the Flag Commission; two via BAFCA)

You are recommended to contact the leadership of the relevant organisational unit to discuss your suitability for the role. General questions can be directed to the Chair of the Rules Committee, Dr Jim Briggs at

To apply read the role profile below, and complete this application form no later than 9pm on Friday 8th September 2023.

Role profile: