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The squad for the forthcoming senior men’s international against France has been announced. Great Britain Head Coach Jason Scott has included players from 17 different British Clubs among the 75 named athletes. The squad will meet up for their final training camp on 29th July at the University of Nottingham with a 45-man game day roster named 96 hours before the August 5th showdown at the Butts Park Stadium, Coventry.

The game will mark the first senior men’s international played in the UK since 2019, when GB beat Russia at New River Stadium in London. Scott said: “I’m delighted to be able to name the 75-man squad for European Championship games later this year; the players and coaches have been working incredibly hard over the past six months, and we’re ready for the challenge that the French program provides.

“The staff have selected the best team available, whilst they are all talented athletes in their own right, this group of players work so well together with great chemistry and team spirit. They have all invested so much time and energy in the team, and I’m excited to see them take the next steps.

“I’d also like to thank those who weren’t retained for the 75 man squad; we have an almost embarrassing strength in depth, they have all contributed a huge amount to the growth of this squad, and our continued successes.”

Squad facts:

  • Current National Champions Manchester Titans lead the way with 16 selections.
  • Two Division 2 teams – East Kent Mavericks and Somerset Wyverns – have representatives in the team.
  • Thirty-eight of the squad are aged 25 or under, fifteen are under 21
  • The majority of players are UK based, with nine playing their football overseas.

Images: Brandon Hattiloney

Squad in full:


Josh ALLSEBROOK – Tamworth Phoenix

Sam BLOOMFIELD – Manchester Titans

Sam HUXTABLE – Cambridge Cats

Bailey MAN – Loughborough University

Running backs

Thomas CAMPBELL – Allgau Comets (Germany)

Aaron SEKWALOR – Rushmore Knights

Joe NICHOLSON – Manchester Titans

Andy OWUSU – London Warriors

Tyrrell BOVELLE – East Kent Mavericks

D’Wayne OBI – New Yorker Lions (Germany)

Tom Jones – Saarland Hurricanes (Germany)

Lewis MUNT – Bristol Aztecs 

Tight Ends

Finley OLD – University of Nottingham

Henry ROWLAND – London Warriors

Sean COOK – Bristol Aztecs

Wide Receivers

Max GRACIE-AINSCOUGH – Manchester Titans

Joe HAMILTON – London Blitz

Anousheh FULFORD – Tamworth Phoenix

Lewis KIRBY – Tamworth Phoenix

Ben HARRISON – Nottm Caesars


Struan BAILEY – East Kilbride Pirates

Adam BAMBER – Manchester Titans

Bolaji ADEWALE – University of Nottingham

Chris WINROW – Fuengirola Potros (Spain)

Offensive Line

Lewis THOMAS – Milano Seamen (Italy)

Martin O’CONNOR – London Warriors

Tyler HARVEY-FALLOWS – Manchester Titans

Lawrence CORNWALL-BAPTISTE – Berlin Thunder (Germany)

Ibrahim AHMED – London Blitz

Dave PEMBERTON – Manchester Titans

Adam McCLURE – Solent Thrashers

Alex PHILLIPS – London Warriors

Paul COWAN – Merseyside Nighthawks

Ben DIXON – Barcelona Dragons (Spain)

William BUNCE – Bristol Aztecs

George DUCE – Marburg Mercenaries (Germany)

Andrew WATTS – Northumberland Vikings

Owen SMITH – Manchester Titans

Defensive Line

Rodon ZEQIRI – London Warriors

Matt O’CONNELL – Merseyside Nighthawks

Temi WILLIAMS – London Blitz

Sam ROBERTSON – Nottm Caesars

Cade MAKIN – Manchester Titans

Jamaal FREDERICKS – London Warriors

Michael AKINYEMI – London Blitz

Wayne DREW – Tamworth Phoenix

Arthur MBAHIN – University of Nottingham

Daniel OBINKWO – Solent Thrashers

Inside LB

Rob WARREN – London Blitz

Nelson CHARLES-NWUFOH – Tamworth Phoenix

Arthur KINGDOM – Manchester Titans

Jenson BOSWORTH – University of Nottingham

Rio SAVVARIS – London Blitz

Luke NEILL – Tamworth Phoenix

Outside LB

Alex COOPER – Manchester Titans

Jai JACKSON – Cologne Centurions (Germany)

Mark STEWART – Edinburgh Wolves

Ant NAUGHTON – Tamworth Phoenix

Joe PARTINGTON – Manchester Titans

Stuart ROBINSON – Manchester Titans

Corner Back

Eddie ONAMADE – Bristol Aztec

Leo CORNEY – London Blitz

Ricky DELVA – Manchester Titans

Tonye DOKUBO – London Blitz

Junior SHODIPO – Tamworth Phoenix

Ryan CLAUDIO – London Blitz


Jason SELORMY – London Blitz

Kenichi JOHNSON-NICHOL – London Blitz

Danylo SZLACHETKO BLACKBURN – University of Nottingham

Will HOBBS – Nottm Caesars

Sam FOSSEY – Manchester Titans

Keair BAILEY – London Blitz

Tom SEAGER – Somerset Wyverns


Alex LENKOWSKI – Manchester Titans

Tyler MILLS – Tamworth Phoenix