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The Board of the British American Football Association (BAFA) has declined a request to convene an Extraordinary General Meeting as proposed by a section of our membership.

We concluded – under advisement from legal counsel – that the proposed resolutions were in contradiction to BAFA’s Articles of Associations which state that the Board and those who we delegate have the authority to make decisions regarding operational matters including competition policies and rules.

Therefore, as a result, an EGM would serve no meaningful purpose or value.

The Board and those who serve on the executive committee take these decisions seriously and use all available information about the sport in its entirety to form those decisions. 

We will not always make popular decisions, but we are here to listen – to ensure that we get things right and correct our mistakes when we do not.

While the Board welcomes constructive dialogue on all matters relating to Britball, EGMs are reserved for discussions related to the governance of the sport, not on day-to-day operational matters. 

This in no way devolves us, an independent board of directors, of the responsibilities entrusted by you.

BAFA’s CEO, Pete Ackerley is scheduling a series of ‘Town Hall’ style meetings over the coming months which offer direct and meaningful channels of engagement with the senior leadership team. Representations can also be made via a dedicated email address –

Thank you again for your passion and continued dedication to our sport.