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The British American Football Association delivers three competitions specifically focused upon the growth and development of the women’s game.


The Opal Series

The Opal Series is the national championship for women’s flag football. The Series sees teams compete across a number of tournaments in an attempt to qualify for the National Championship title tournament, usually staged in November or December each year.

The Sapphire Series

The Sapphire Series is the women’s national championship for contact football. The series, which runs during autumn and winter sees teams compete across a number of tournaments using the BAFA 7 v 7 format. Teams are divided in to Division 1 and Division 2 competitions with the winner of Division 1 gaining the title of National Women’s Champions.

The Diamond Series

The Diamond Series provides all female players the opportunity to compete in the 11-a-side format of the game. Players are drafted from the Sapphire Series teams and from wider development days to one of three regional teams – the Northern Blizzard, the Heartlands Shock and the Southern Blaze.

The teams then practice together and play a series of games to determine the Diamond Series champion.

The women’s game has a dedicated Facebook page where people interact as they look to start or get involved with teams.

This can be found at