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Updated competition rules and regulations now available for 2018-2019

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

The rules and regulations that govern BAFA’s National Leagues competitions have been updated ready for the season ahead.

Updated competition rules and regulations are now available for the 2018-2019 period of National Leagues football. These rules and regulations govern our National Leagues competitions, and include guidance on administration, registration, transfers, fixture arrangements, gameday management, competition structures and more.

Changes for 2018-2019
Changes for the year ahead include a new regulation to clarify BAFA’s position on the payment of players and additional clarification on the consequences of cancelling fixtures voluntarily. There is also updated wording to reflect 2018-2019 scheduling timelines and requirements and the consequences of missing team registration deadlines.  A full run-down of additions and amendments is summarised in the document.

Operations Director Steve Rains said: ”There are some important changes in the Competition Rules this year and it’s essential that all clubs make themselves aware of them. We are rising to the challenge set by the community to issue schedules earlier, which means we can’t accept failure on the deadlines set. There will be consequences for any failure – we don’t want to impose them, but we will if necessary. We are also addressing the situation of forfeits by putting into the rules the understanding people have and ensuring that consequences follow forfeits in the higher leagues to protect the quality of our product.”

It’s the responsibility of club management to make sure that all players, coaches and staff are familiar with these regulations. Please note, these rules and regulations may be updated from time and augmented by additional guidelines for specific competitions as required.


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