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Super Fives II Squads Announced

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Squads revealed ahead of 11 November Super Fives event.

This Saturday sees the second edition of the BAFA Super Fives Tournament take place.The event, which will take place on the indoor pitch at Toryglen Regional Football Centre in Glasgow, will see each of the 4 conferences from the BAFA Adult Flag League go head to head with one another in the ultimate battle for bragging rights.

With the big day just around the corner, each conference has now officially named their squad.


Vincent Berry (Reading Knights)

Matt Turner (Victoria Park Panthers)

Andreas Kyriakidis (Reading Knights)

Pete Coppenhall (Victoria Park Panthers)

Alex Gillespie (Victoria Park Panthers)

Mark Streather (Victoria Park Panthers)

Sean Martin (Ayelsbury Vale Spartans)

Charlie Douglas (Victoria Park Panthers)

Head Coach: Kehinde Bello (London Rebels)


Andrew Smith (Cardiff Hurricanes)

Paul Zinkus (Birmingham Lions)

David Ponting (Cardiff Hurricanes)

Chad Stevens (Cardiff Hurricanes)

Luke Madden (Coventry Cougars)

Danny Caballero (Coventry Cougars)

Lewis Phillips (Exeter Falcons)

Jonathan Cordy (Cardiff Hurricanes)

Sam Finnie (Coventry Cougars)

Kieran Eaton (Coventry Cougers)

Head Coach: Alex Vakili (Cardiff Hurricanes)


Kyle Taylor (Leeds Samurai)

Mantas Ceckauskas (Newcastle Blackhawks)

Matt Wilkinson (Manchester Crows)

Luke Bennett (Sheffield Vipers)

Dave Underwood (Manchester Crows)

Phil Watson (Newcastle Blackhawks)

Jonny Dudley (Leeds Samurai)

Robert Welti (Burnley Tornadoes)

Bailey Blagbrough (Calderdale Knights)

Ewan Miller (Newcastle Blackhawks)

Dino Vernazza (Wigan Bandits)

Sergio de Paco Escamez (Cheshire Cavaliers)

Head Coach: Ben Forster (Newcastle Blackhawks)


Jamie Archibald (Edinburgh Outlaws)

Aaron Drummond (Aberdeen Oilcats)

Gary Elliott (Aberdeen Oilcats)

Nicky Farrell (Glasgow Hornets)

Liam Fleming (Grangemouth Broncos)

Andrew Gibson (Glasgow Hornets)

Julian Holburn-White (Glasgow Hornets)

Alessandro Marello (Edinburgh Outlaws)

Stephen McCluskey (Clyde Comets)

Scott McKenzie (Grangemouth Broncos)

David Pasnik (Clyde Comets)

Fraser Thomson (Grangemouth Broncos)

Callum Woods (Grangemouth Broncos)

Kevin Woods (Grangemouth Broncos)

Calum Young (Aberdeen Oilcats)

Head Coach: Mike Scott (Aberdeen Oilcats)

Assistant Coach: David Mooney (Grangemouth Broncos)

Assistant Coach: Jimmy Thomson (Grangemouth Broncos)

Assistant Coach: Tom Clarke (Aberdeen Oilcats)

Photo c/o Rob Connor


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