The primary income stream of the British American Football Association is membership fees.

Outlined below are the fees which are due for individuals for each of the respective competition streams.Teams may also be charged a competition entry fee.

All player fees are per competition but all memberships and insurance coverage for National Leagues Football team and player types listed below is for the year (October 1st - September 30th). All coaching fees are annual (running October 1st to September 30th)

You can find out more about our 2019-2020 approach to fees in our updated fees announcement.

National Leagues Football (2019-2020)

Player Fees - League
Adult contact £50
Women’s contact £50
Adult flag £30
Women’s flag £30
Junior contact £15
Youth contact £15
Youth flag £15
Cadet flag £15

Player fees - Associate
Associate Adult contact / Women’s contact £40
Associate Adult flag / Women’s flag £20
Associate Junior contact £5
Associate Youth contact  £5
Associate Youth flag £5
Associate Cadet flag £5

Team Fees - League
Adult contact £125
Women’s contact £50
Adult flag £50
Women’s flag £50
Junior contact £75
Youth contact £50
Youth flag £30
Cadet flag £30

Team fees - Associate
Associate Adult Contact / Women’s Contact £30
Associate Adult Flag / Women’s Flag £15
Associate youth contact £15
Associate junior contact £15
Associate youth flag £15
Associate cadet flag £15

Coach Contact £57.50
Player / Coach Contact £67.50
Coach Flag £45.50
Player / Coach Flag £50.50

Other fees and updgrades

Other (Side assistant, physio, gameday manager, committee member, stats, photographer, videographer etc) £5
Upgrade fee – junior contact to adult contact or women’s contact £35
Upgrade fee – youth contact to junior contact Free
Upgrade fee – cadet flag to youth flag  Free
Upgrade fee – adult / women’s flag to adult / women’s contact £25
Upgrade fee – women’s contact to adult contact £5
Upgrade fee – All contact formats to all flag formats £5
Upgrade fee – Coach Contact to Player/Coach £10
Upgrade fee - Coach Flag to Player / Coach £5
Event fee – membership for one off events, such as alumni games £10
Admin fee – discretionary fee for bulk work requests, ie team mergers, A to B roster changes £10

Student Football (2019/20)

University football players should now register for student football through
BUCS Play, as with every other BUCS sport. Sideline staff should also register on this system. University Coaches should continue to register for student football through the BAFA registration system. 

fees are subject to change