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The GB Women’s Flag programme has concluded the selection of the 12-player squad to represent Great Britain at the World Championships in Lahti, Finland, August 27-30.

The tournament represents an important first step on the road to Olympic qualification for the LA 2028 Games – which features women’s and men’s Flag football for the first time in its illustrious history.

Reserves: Kate Bruinvels, Abi Coleman, Carla McCosta, Louise Klever, Hannah Elliot, Jochebed Frimpong

GB Women’s Team Manager Danika Scargill said: “After our success at the 2023 Limerick European Championships, we have continued to raise our standards. We are proud to announce a squad capable of competing and challenging at the world level.

“The build up to the team’s first appearance at a World Championship has been intense. We’ve been through a number of changes within the team this season and enter the tournament stronger than ever.

“We’ve battled a number of key injuries throughout the run up and still look to get some of those back on course before we head over to Finland, but there’s a sense of drive and determination within the team to be there and show the world exactly who Team GB are.”

Progression: The squad will hope to build on its current fourth-place international ranking in Women’s Flag Football achieved after defeating Spain in the final of the European Championships in Ireland last year.

The Great Britain Men’s and Women’s Flag Football teams have launched a GoFundMe page to support our teams in Finland.  Although BAFA provides support, currently there is no key sponsor in place for international competition and with costs of rising due additional financial burden is placed on athletes.

“Until we can source sponsorship the athletes and coaches have to personally fund the tournament, be this travel, accommodation and pitches at training camps in the UK or travel to Finland, plus the cost of the athletes’ village during the tournament. We have established the GoFundMe page to reduce the financial impact,” added Danika.

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Images and graphic courtesy of Andy Keith