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We are excited to invite you to the 2024 British American Football Coaches Association (BAFCA) Annual Coaching Convention, taking place 5th-7th July at the Holywell Park Conference Centre, Loughborough University. Register here.

This year’s convention will feature three days of insightful sessions from renowned UK, US, and European coaches. They will share their expert knowledge on fundamentals, techniques, skills, and strategies across all codes of the sport including Adult, Junior, Youth, Women’s, and Flag Football.
The sessions will be a mix of lecture-style presentations, breakout sessions, and practical demonstrations both indoors on our 3G pitch and outdoors on the full-size 3G field.
We are thrilled to announce an esteemed panel of speakers from the US – Tarquin Stephenson: Offensive Line and Run Scheme; Miguel Reveles: Offensive Skill; Lori Locust: Defensive Line and Coaching Fundamentals; Matt Hernandez: Flag Fundamentals and Techniques and Rob Currin: Defensive Fundamentals and Scheme, as well as Flag Football Development

Event Timeline

Friday 5 July: Registration opens at 1pm – First official talk 2:30pm – Sessions finish at 8pm
Saturday 6 July: Registration opens at 9am – First official talk 10am – Sessions finish at 7pm
Sunday 7 July: Registration opens at 9am – First official talk 10am – Event closes at 4pm
Speaker schedule and up-to-date information will be shared regularly on the Event FB Page, BAFA and BAFCA social media, and via our website Additionally, on the evening of July 6th, BAFCA will be partnering with BAFA and EP Sports to host a special social event. This celebration will include the induction of the latest BAFA Hall of Fame Inductees and the return of the Coach of the Year Awards. Tickets and further details about this social event will be released soon.
In the coming weeks, we will also unveil a lineup of UK speakers and partners who will be bringing their expertise and knowledge to the event. We look forward to welcoming you to what promises to be an informative and enjoyable event. If you would like to attend the British American Football Coaches Association Annual Coaching Convention, please register here.
Please note that registration for the convention does not include access to the evening event, which will require separate registration.