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As part of Sun Awareness Week, BAFA is encouraging coaches to enrol on a free sun safety course for sports and outdoor industry professionals.

Coaches can gain 5 CPD points completing this pioneering online Sunguarding course, launched by the Melanoma Fund – which is the first set of resources tailored specifically for sports clubs and individuals in the UK.

BAFA Head of Medical, Beverley Analuwa said: “As we progress through spring and into summer, it is important for all teams and individuals to start preparing to safely train in the heat. This will help with reducing heat and/or sun related illnesses.  It is also important to know your limits – listen to your body and stay safe, especially if you have a medical condition.

“The Sun Awareness Course offers advice for teams and individuals about sun safety and provides important resources on best practice about sun safety education and skin cancer prevention. It is available to all coaches and participants via the BAFA website.”

As part of BAFA Sun Awareness Week, BAFA has issued a set of basic guidelines:

  • Check the weather forecast a few days prior to training and games
  • Adjust training sessions where possible – train at different times of the day, reduce duration of sessions, and increase the number of water breaks in shaded areas
  • Hydrate with the right fluids before a session as well as throughout
  • Wear sunscreen – apply before and during the training session. Additionally apply after-sun following sun exposure
  • Wear loose clothing
  • Gradually increase exercise intensity and duration

President of the British American Football Coaches Association Wayne Hill said: “Members across both our disciplines of football are at risk of UV exposure while training and playing, and with the rising incidence of skin cancer in the UK, and the growing frequency of extreme heat during summer months, it is important that our coaches have the knowledge and confidence to lead by example and inspire others to protect themselves. No matter how much you think you may know about sun and heat protection, you’ll learn something new and valuable from this engaging and interactive resource. That’s why we’re allocating 5 CPD points for completion.”


For further information and to access both course formats visit:

BAFA’s Sun Protection guidelines –

BAFA’s Training and Competing in the Heat guidance –