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The University All Star Game takes place this evening at The Coventry Butts Park Arena (kick-off 7pm). The event – organised by Football America UK – brings together the best university talent from higher education institutions in the North and the South. 

Head coaches: Kieran Dunn (left, North) and Lydon Ward-Best (right, South)

Almost 400 players attended trials – and the task of selecting the two squads lead by Head coaches Kieran Dunn (Sheffield Hallam) and Lydon Ward-Best (Exeter) was a massive challenge.

In a statement ahead of the game the coaches said: “We are left with two incredible teams featuring the very best players the nation has to offer. The North will feature a powerful run attack whilst the amazing receiver group of the South will allow for an explosive passing game. Don’t forget the Defences; with both teams set to display fearsome pass rushers and extremely talented secondaries.”

Gates open at 5.30pm, kick off 7pm. Tickets available at gate – £5 with under 16s going free.

Full team rosters:


FS 0 Paul iyere Keele Crusaders
LB 1 Joshua padley Loughborough Students
FS 2 Daniel Padley Sheffield Hallam Warriors
FS 3 Louis Joseph Groom Leeds Gryphons
CB 4 Joe Parton NTU Renegades
WR 5 Iby Sardar Derby Braves
Q 7 Alexander Ross MMU Eagles
WR 8 Luke Joseph Colvin Edinburgh Napier Knights
Kicker 9 Will Morgan Sheffield Sabres
WR 10 Harry Ness Sheffield Hallam Warriors
Q 11 Oliver Levitt-Allen Keele Crusaders
CB 12 Frederick George Burton Loughborough Students
RB 13 Will Harvey Loughborough Students
Q 14 Adam Dodd Warwick Wolves
WR 15 Matthew Wilson Durham Saints
CB 17 Tawana  Hudson Loughborough Students
FS 19 Sean Bedford Leeds Beckett Carnegie
FS 20 Josh Jackaman Loughborough Students
CB 21 Tom Giles NTU Renegades
RB 22 Lennox Owusu-Agyekum Loughborough Students
CB 25 Ewan Harris Leeds Gryphons
RB 28 Tomas Ibatulinas Lincoln Colonials
RB 33 Luke McCorkindale Brown NTU Renegades
DT 44 Joe Jones Loughborough Students
LB 52 Matthew Kellam UCLAN Rams
OL 53 Joseph Innes Lancaster Bombers
LB 54 Boris-John Gavin Durham Saints
DT 55 Willie Stevens Stirling Clansmen
LB 56 Thomas shaw Sheffield Hallam Warriors
LB 57 Ryan Howard Liverpool Raptors
Edge 58 Josh Marshall Loughborough Students
DT 62 Henry Veary Sheffield Sabres
DT 64 Oluwatosin Akintola Sheffield Sabres
OL 65 Henry Burton Sheffield Sabres
OL 66 Gus bingham NTU Renegades
OL 67 Ben Ashford Durham Saints
Edge 68 Dhani George west Lincoln Colonials
OL 69 Henry Mallen Loughborough Students
OL 73 Oscar Devos Leeds Beckett Carnegie
OL 74 Samuel Oyinloye MMU Eagles
OL 76 Cameron Jones NTU Renegades
OL 77 Kristiaan Winkel Leeds Gryphons
DT 78 Daniel Ogungbangbe-Thomas Lincoln Colonials
WR 80 Ben Ancey-Taylor Sheffield Hallam Warriors
WR 84 Jude Scott Leeds Beckett Carnegie
WR 87 Joshua Humberstone Derby Braves
TE 88 Dean Gabriel-Ojo Loughborough Students
WR 89 Dodi Mendee Liverpool Raptors
LB 94 Jack Watson Lancaster Bombers
Edge 99 Gabriel Bretherton Durham Saints


LB 0 Josh Ricketts Gloucester Gladiators
Q 1 Alex Stocks Imperial Immortals
WR 2 Zac Spence QMBL Vipers
WR 3 Liam Allen Bournemouth Bobcats
Q 4 Alfie Birks Bournemouth Bobcats
LB 5 Louix John Moakes Solent Redhawks
TE 6 Ardrit Ramadani QMBL Vipers
Edge 7 Niall Ashworth OBU Panthers
Q 9 Joel Chesters Oxford Lancers
FS 10 Ben Hellett OBU Panthers
WR 11 Cameron Buggs Kingston Cougars
WR 13 Tom Crook Worcester Royals
CB 14 Paul Oluwaseyi Exeter Demons
WR 17 Samuel Waters Portsmouth Destroyers
TE 19 Jamal Ryan-Coker Portsmouth Destroyers
CB 20 James Williams Birmingham Lions
FS 21 Ben El-Hawary Birmingham Lions
FS 24 Robbie Green OBU Panthers
RB 25 Lewis Munt Bath Killer Bees
RB 26 Teddy Pope Bournemouth Bobcats
RB 27 Samuel Adesanya Solent Redhawks
FS 30 Mackenzie Laban Exeter Demons
RB 32 Dejahne Erskine SGS Pride
FS 33 Amolak Sahota Essex Blades
CB 36 Benjamin Mellor Bristol Barracuda
CB 40 Obed Addai Birmingham Lions
Edge 44 Owen Beaumont Exeter Demons
LB 50 Oluwaseun Oshin Essex Blades
LB 51 Nathaniel Thatcher Portsmouth Destroyers
OL 52 Frederick Good Southampton Stags
Edge 53 Llewelyn Davies Swansea Titans
LB 54 Courage Nwosu Hertfordshire Hurricanes
Edge 55 Simon Bennett Gloucester Gladiators
OL 56 Mackenzie Wells SGS Pride
DT 57 Will Baulkwill Exeter Demons
DT 58 Charlie Dace Reading Knights
LB 59 Piran Phillips Solent Redhawks
OL 63 Brennan Dyball Birmingham Lions
OL 66 Toby Buller Bournemouth Bobcats
OL 70 Jared-Elijah Douett Kent Falcons
OL 74 Joseph Mugford Exeter Demons
OL 76 Louis Burghes Exeter Demons
OL 77 Aaron Taylor Bournemouth Bobcats
OL 78 Aaron Wilmot Reading Knights
WR 82 James Bush Exeter Demons
TE 87 Gavin Dyall Bournemouth Bobcats
TE 88 Harrison Cooper Portsmouth Destroyers
DT 90 Ayomide Badejo Portsmouth Destroyers
DT 97 David Oyadah Exeter Demons
Edge 99 Tunde OWOLABI Sussex Saxons