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The Great Britain Women’s National Team have announced their match-day squad ahead of hosting Sweden in the IFAF Women’s European Championship on Saturday 15 April.

Tickets for the match in just over two weeks’ time are still available to purchase here.

Worcester’s Sixways Stadium will play host to the much-anticipated return to action for the Great Britain Lions, coming off their 2022 World Championship silver medal in Vantaa, Finland.

Following a series of Development Camps over the winter period, which welcomed more than 120 players from across the country, Great Britain’s match-day squad is made up of young and veteran talent alike, including 10 players representing their country for the first time.

Images courtesy of Jenii Breakey @breakey99media

Great Britain Women’s Match-Day Squad

Positional Group Name  Club
DL Becky Martin Crocodiles Naiset (Finland)
DL Corey Stevenson Nottingham Caesars
DL Laura Moore Nottingham Caesars
DL Libby Davoren Birmingham Lions Women
DL Robyn  Steward Manchester Titans
DL Victoria  Ware Cambridgeshire Cats, Norwich Devils
DL Zoe John Cardiff Valkyries, South Wales Harpies
DB Chloe Southard (R) Liverpool Raptors
DB De’Vonai Dwyer (R) London Warriors
DB Emily Mullen Edinburgh Wolves
DB Harley-May Lynch Birmingham Lions Women
DB Hollie Whiting (R) Hertfordshire Cheetahs
DB Josie Symonds Birmingham Lions Women
DB Lucy Peaty London Warriors
DB Phoebe Schecter Birmingham Lions Women
LB Bethany Pilkington Leeds  Chargers, Yorkshire Academy Rams
LB Christina Ibironke London Warriors
LB Georgia Teague (R) Wembley Stallions
LB Ibernia Fraser (R) Edinburgh Wolves
LB Summer Rivers London Warriors
LB Sydney Green Birmingham Lions Women
LB Tanya Dales Peterborough Royals, South Lincolnshire Lightning
OL Iesha Martin Birmingham Lions Women
OL Jakki Duncan Teeside Steelers,
OL Laura Dye Leeds Chargers
OL Lisa Dye Leeds Chargers
OL Ruby Watson (R) Manchester Titans
OL Tara Minto London Warriors
OL Vanessa Mansaray London Warriors
OL Yasmin Cazeau London Warriors, Hertfordshire Cheetahs
QB Angelina Fisher London Warriors
QB Vicki Lucas (R) Kent Exiles
RB Emily Irvine Birmingham Lions Women
RB Gabrielle Derrick Leeds Chargers
RB Ruth Matta Birmingham Lions Women
RB Stephanie Wyant Solent Thrashers
WR Jessica Anderson Hertfordshire Cheetahs
WR Kathryn Stanley (R) Norwich Devils
WR Kenya Peters (R) Manchester Titans
WR Oli  Davies Birmingham Lions Women
WR Samantha Read London Warriors
WR Siobhan Walker London Warriors
WR Sophia Klair Birmingham Lions Women
TE Rachael Tumelty (R) Teeside Steelers
TE Sarah-shay Okelola London Warriors

Keep an eye out for more news on the upcoming IFAF Women’s European Championship, and don’t forget to buy your tickets!