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Chief Executive Pete Ackerley has announced the launch of a consultation which will lead to a root-and-branch review of how American Football is played in the UK.

Speaking at the BAFA Annual General Meeting which took place in Birmingham at the weekend, Ackerley told members that they will be invited to contribute to the process – sharing their views on various aspects of the game.

Addressing BAFA members in Q&A session– who attended in person, or remotely – he said:

“I can guarantee that everybody out there has a view on the structure of the sport, the league formats, how competitive we are in terms of quality and quantity.”

In the coming weeks, BAFA will present the format and timeline for the consultation and the reporting process that will follow. Ackerley stressed the importance of the process which leaves “all things on the table” adding:

“What is clear is that we can’t keep doing things the same way and expect a different result. There has got to be a culture of the best playing the best.

“Who really gains from winning 110-0? Or losing ten games on the trot? How do we create the consistent levels of performance we aspire for? We need to explore how can we progress the best players at the most opportune times.

We are going through a cost of living crisis and also need to think about how to make the game affordable and accessible.”

For a full recording of the Q+A which took place at the BAFA AGM please download at this link.