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The National Women’s Football League is excited to announce its division alignment for the 2023 Women’s Contact season.

Five teams make up the National League, competing at 9-a-side in 2023, as Women’s tackle football celebrates its 10th year of competition in the UK. Teams will battle it out to be named Conference Champion during the regular season, with the top four seeds progressing to post-season playoffs and the National Final.

The NWFL’s Regional League comprises of twelve teams competing in three divisions at the 7-a-side format. These twelve will also challenge for post-season competition, with division winners and a fourth seed entering the Regional Finals.

Two additional teams enter the 2023 season with Associate status.

NWFL National League

  • Birmingham Lions
  • Edinburgh Wolves
  • Leeds Chargers
  • London Warriors
  • Peterborough Royals

NWFL Regional League


  • Cheshire Bears
  • East Kilbride Pirates
  • Manchester Titans
  • Teesside Steelers


  • Cardiff Valkyries
  • Leicester Falcons
  • Sandwell Steelers
  • Solent Thrashers


  • Hertfordshire Cheetahs
  • Kent Exiles
  • Norwich Devils
  • Wembley Stallions

Teams playing in Associate status

  • Northumberland Shieldmaidens
  • Swindon Storm

NWFL club contacts have received 2023 fixture information this week, so keep an eye out as the excitement ramps up for another huge year of Women’s American football!

Images courtesy GW Images, Jody Davies Photography, Alex Chan