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Today (Sunday 6 August 2022) our Great Britain Women’s squad go up against the unbeaten Team USA, who are currently the World’s No1.

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Not only is this an incredible achievement for the team, who beat the world’s no2 Team Canada on Wednesday 3 August in a thrilling semi final, but it’s history-making for the entire British American football community.

I’ve been so impressed by the composure of my teammates. The squad has a large number of rookies this year, so for many this is their first tournament- and even for some of us who have played for GB before, this is our first Worlds. The team have taken everything in stride though- and a lot of it comes from trusting in the coaches. Even when the last game went down to the wire, we had confidence in the coaches and the play calling, so we can just focus on the football.

Maz HughesOffensive Line

55% of players on the Great Britain Women’s squad have never played an 11s game before, whereas Canada play 12s weekly and USA play 11s weekly. This is huge for a team where half are rookies at this level, taking on the World’s best at their own game.

Playing against Canada and soon the USA, has been quite a tough induction into international football. It’s long been a dream of mine to compete internationally. I’m grateful that I’ve been afforded the opportunity. To play the best in the world, it’s exciting and I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Summer RiversLinebacker

Today’s game doesn’t come without its challenges, going up against a team that has never been beaten since the IFAF World’s started back in 2010. Team USA have three world titles under their belt, so will be an incredible but tough opposition for our ladies today.

“I'm expecting the USA defense to be well drilled, to be fast and strong. They've won gold before, so they have the experience and I expect high things from them. It's a challenge for us to step up to, and we're ready to do that!"

Sydney GreenQuarterback
The whole Britball community have come together to show support for the Great Britain Women’s Squad, with stars Vernon Kay and Nick Knowles sharing their support on social media.
The IFAF World Championships Final will be live-streamed from 5:10pm, with constant updates on the BAFA Instagram and Twitter accounts if you aren’t able to watch the game.

It has been an incredible experience and I'm so so proud! I've enjoyed every second of it and have made deep-seeded connections with both players and coaches. I think without these relationships with the squad, it would have been an overwhelming experience which would have been difficult to deal with. But come game day, there was a calmness throughout the squad which was reciprocated on field, allowing us to come here and do what we set out to #321.

Harley May LynchDefensive Back
No matter what the results are for today’s game, the Great Britain Women’s squad, both players and coaches, have done the Britball community extremely proud and have paved the women for women in sport and representation of the sport here in the UK.


If you’d like to play American Football, and even one day become part of the Great Britain National Teams, find a local club to join today!

The final will be lived streamed from 5.30pm (UK time) on Sunday 7th August at