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Solent Seahawks have bided their time as they prepare to take the might of London Blitz which head coach Marc White describes as the “best junior programme in the UK”.

The Seahawks travel to north London for the Under 19s Division 1 semi-final showdown this weekend.

Coach White said: “We know we’re playing a team we’ve never beaten at this level, but every dog has his day. If we can beat them, there is even greater reward on offer in September.”

Sunday’s game represents the furthest the Seahawks have progressed and they have had a long time to reflect on the achievement:

“It’s been a real challenge to prepare – nearly two months since our last game. So keeping players involved is always tricky over that time scale,” he explained.

“I’ve got nothing but respect for the London Blitz programme – Coach Henry has consistently churned out baller after baller. That’s incredible – especially at the under 19 level where we face so many challenges in recruitment, retention, and development.

Coach Aaron of the Blitz expressed the mutual respect that exists between the teams:

“The players have been eager to continue their season and are excited to face the Seahawks who come in with a group of talented players and a well coached program. We’re looking forward to a competitive Sunday!”

London Blitz images Jody Demay-Davies

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