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GB Men’s Contact Head Coach Jason Scott has shared the following statement:

“Following last Sunday’s game between Tamworth Phoenix and Manchester Titans, I’ve had time to reflect and discuss concerns about my on-field conduct with BAFA CEO Pete Ackerley. I realise my actions were unacceptable and do not match the standards I set for myself, nor do they match those set for a GB Head Coach.

“I place a huge emphasis on integrity and honesty when coaching the players and coaches I work with, and I fully appreciate that it is hypocritical should I not come to terms with my own shortcomings in this regard. I’m now more than ever cognisant of my responsibilities as a GB Head Coach, and don’t want this to detract from the great work we’ve been doing to prepare our GB men’s contact team for competition later in the year.

“I’ve talked through the circumstances and impact of my actions with Pete and how it reflects on our National Programme and I want to offer an apology to the whole game. I made a promise to help lift British football back to the pinnacle of European football, and I can only do this if I am the best version of myself. I will focus on being a better member of our community, a better coach and a better person.”

BAFA CEO Pete Ackerley commented: “BAFA has a long-term vision to professionalise British American football and inspire people to play our game.  One of the beliefs that drives our decision making and planning is to do the right things and do things right – and a key part of this is setting clear expectations for the conduct of our coaches and volunteers. I’d like to thank Jason for proactively offering to issue an apology so we can now move forward and focus on preparing our GB men’s contact team for competition later in the year.”