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We celebrated and inducted our first entrants into the BAFA Hall of Fame earlier this month (Sat 12th March) in an evening full of long overdue reunions and heartfelt remembrance.

How it all started

For the inaugural class we had a difficult task to pick the thirty individuals that we wanted to induct as it was important to recognise achievement from across the decades. Players of today most likely haven’t heard of the London Ravens or the Streatham Olympians, the Nottingham Hoods or the Manchester Spartans. And may probably not realise that the Great Britain Lions have twice been European Champions. That the British Senior League was once semi-professional and was sponsored by Budweiser and Coca-Cola, or that former NFL and Division 1 college players were common amongst the top teams. 

A project leader was appointed who has a long history with Britball -; Dave Tidswell. Dave was a player in the eighties and has maintained a close association with the game, acting as a uniball coach, adult league general manager and historian of Britball. He pulled together a twelve-person selection committee who are all well respected individuals from within the British game and who represented the diverse elements of our sport.

The Britball community nominated over 170 different individuals for consideration. Some were players, some were coaches and others were administrators and officials. The selection committee deliberated for many days and hours before coming up with their final list for submission to the BAFA board, made up of players, coaches and administrators.

On the night

The evening was held at the College Arms in London, with a buffet spread for all who attended. Each inductee came to the front of the room and received a personalised trophy and framed announcement after an introduction from BAFA Chief Executive Pete Ackerley, with loud applause from all watching. There were some inductees who couldn’t be there, but their families collected their trophies in their place, and whilst they may not be with us now it’s safe to say their presence was felt.

You’re the roots of our sport. You have been out there, you’ve been trailblazers, you’ve done everything. What you do, and what you did, will inspire generations to come.”

Pete AckerleyBAFA Chief Executive

BAFA Hall of Fame 2021 Inductees

The first inductees to the BAFA Hall of Fame are:

From the eighties:

  • Victor Ebubedike-Muhammad
  • Trevor Carthy
  • Bob Dean
  • Nigel Dias
  • Nigel Hoyte
  • John Aska
  • Gerry Anderson
  • Allan Brown

From the nineties:

  • Leeroy Innis (RIP) award collected by his wife Teresa
  • Roger Hedges (RIP) award collected by his daughter Kelly
  • Stephen Hutchinson
  • Rowelle Blenman

From the two thousands:

  • Scott Rowe
  • Clive Palumbo
  • Mark Tango Lockwood
  • Neil Neo Edwards (RIP) award collected by his wife Joanna and daughter Riarnna
  • Gary Lee

Non-British Nationals:

  • Anthony Stitt

Other inductees who weren’t able to attend:

  • Family of Alan Wilson (RIP)
  • Dave Chambers
  • Scott Couper
  • Mark Wynnick
  • Richard Dunkley
  • Tony Mackenzie
  • Tom Tovo
  • Jason Brisbane
  • Aden Durde
  • Lance Cone
  • Beau Riffenburgh
  • Family of Gerry McManus (RIP)

We will be hosting a smaller event on April 21st in Glasgow to present Scott Couper and the family of Alan Wilson (RIP) their awards as it would’ve been a long journey for them to attend in London. 

View pictures of the night in the gallery below:

Photos by Hatibu Lweno and Tara Bunker

Meet the 2021 BAFA Hall of Fame Inductees