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Kyle Taylor appointed as the British American Football Association (BAFA) Commissioner for Flag Football.

Kyle’s appointment and the first iteration of his recommended new commission structure form a new direction for the management of Flag football in Britain. This structure will iterate over time and contains multiple pods that carry a specific and dedicated focus for improvement of the game, its operation and visibility in the UK, whilst increasing opportunities for participation and athletic development. As Flag Football Commissioner, Kyle will oversee all these groups, providing the overall strategic direction and management of Flag football.

This formal change comes after soft launch towards the end of 2021 and as part of the wider 10-year vision to professionalise British American football and inspire people to play and grow the game. BAFA believes this new structure will enable Flag football to further grow and develop, setting the game up for success into the future.

Kyle Taylor said:

“For the first time in my memory Flag Football is garnering the global spotlight and interest from big players like the NFL. It’s a really exciting time for the sport, which seems to be on the cusp of something big and I’m delighted to have been asked to take the lead in guiding the direction of the sport within BAFA. Whilst the game in the UK has faced many ups and downs in recent years, I hope our community sees this as evidence of a much needed fresh start and I would encourage anyone with a passion for the game and the skills to help push us forward to come and be part of the change. I look forward to working more closely with Pete & Amanda from an operations perspective and Mark as my counterpart in the Contact game to drive forward participation, inclusion and opportunity across American Football in the UK.”

Pete Ackerley said:

“I’m delighted that Kyle will take on the vital role as Commissioner for Flag Football,  which will be so important as we continue to grow our sport and work towards our 10-year vision to professionalise British American football and inspire people to play and play a part.

Flag Football will be at the heart of our long term strategy to grow the game and with Kyle leading a significant restructure of the Commission we will be able to agile as we develop the game. It will also ensure that we continue to be progressive and responsive to the needs of the game and players plus ensuring we are more inclusive and driven by decisions that are right and focussed on player needs to ensure that we have a game that is enjoyable to all.”

Recent New Joiners and Restructures

  • Mike Sullivan and Richard McEwen – Flag Officiating Operations and Standards respectively
  • Stuart Anderson – Flag Football Show Producer
  • Amy Slater – Women’s Publicity
  • Lee Parsons – Accreditation Support Officer & Youth Lead
  • Jon Askew – Schools Flag Officer


  • Sreeni Shaji has stepped down as youth flag commission lead to pursue other passions and in the new structure his position will not be replaced.

Current Vacancies

The current vacancies in the new structure are highlighted below. Anyone interested can express their interest by sending a short CV of relevant skills/experience, justifying why they would be a good candidate to Kyle Taylor. A brief of the roles can be found below and all appointments are subject to interview and a probationary period to ensure fair process and the quality of those managing the game. Project management and strong organisational skills would be preferred, and more roles will be advertised in the future.

  • All-Region Coaching Staff – Head Coaches and Supporting Coaches
  • YFFL Assistant Competition Manager & Stats Manager
  • Women’s Spring Series Competition Manager
  • WFFL Competition Manager
  • WFFL Stats Manager
  • NFFL Stats Manager
  • All-Region Competition Manger
  • Youth Publicity Lead
  • Club Development Support Officer