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Following the appointment of Chris Stone as Head Coach, the British American Football Association (BAFA) is pleased to announce the full coaching staff for the Women’s National Programme.

Chris Stone, Women’s National Programme Head Coach, said:

“I am thrilled with the group that has come together. Building a staff can be very tricky with a number of different variables. That said, the staff represents a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences, and each person brings a unique asset to the programme while also having a singularly dedicated mindset to growing and improving the women’s game.

“No doubt it is still early days, but I am already excited about the cohesion and collaboration taking place amongst the staff that will help drive the Women’s National Programme to new heights.”

Mike Callan, BAFA Head of National Programmes, said:

“It has been an absolute pleasure to be working with Coach Stone and to collaborate on putting this staff together for the Women’s National Programme.

“The diverse experiences, knowledge and skills that the staff possess is amazing and will drive us forward to success. Coach Stone and the staff have already been hard at work and have the end goal in mind of preparing the Women’s National Programme for competition in Summer 2022.”

Women’s National Programme – coaching staff

Head Coach & Offensive Coordinator

Chris Stone (current team: Queen Mary University London)

Wide Receivers

Kenny Bello (current team: UK Dukes)

Nick Glenday (current team: Wembley Stallions)

Running Backs

Joshua Clarke

Claire Cochrane (current team: East Kilbride Pirates Women’s)

Offensive Line

Jamie Gallagher (current team: Queen Mary University London)

Connah Scholes (current team: Leeds Chargers)

Benita Grant (current team: Peterborough Saxons)

Tight Ends

Robert Mitchell (current team: Kent Exiles Women’s)

Defensive Coordinator

James Chard (current team: Portsmouth Destroyers)

Defensive Line

Joshua Gaff (current team: Tamworth Phoenix)

Sam Rafferty (current team: Sandwell Steelers)

Laura Dye (current team: Merseyside Nighthawks)


Laura Moore (current team: Birmingham Lions)

Keith Johnson (current team: Solent Seahawks)

Defensive Backs

Matt Gawne (current team: University of Nottingham)