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The British American Football Association (BAFA) is pleased to announce the schedule for the 2021 Adult Contact season.

Warren Smart, BAFA National Game Development Manager, said:

“With the uncertainties of the pandemic and return to play, all teams within the National League have worked tirelessly to ensure we can achieve a season, coming together in a regional format, which pits Premier teams against Division 2 teams, and old teams against new.

“This season provides an opportunity for clubs to help each develop, both on and off the field, and for new teams to secure full league membership.

“There have also been a number of other challenges to overcome to achieve a schedule of merit, the biggest of these being venues. Many sports want to return to play at the same time, and the sporting calendar sees many clubs struggling to achieve bookings.

“I hope, given these circumstances, we have delivered the best schedule we possibly can, and our focus for 2021 is the redevelopment of our sport as it returns to action following two years away.”


Associate teams

BAFA wants to use this season to capture our associate clubs and get them through the process of becoming full league members. The scheduled games for the associate teams can be held as full games or downgraded to controlled scrimmages if the need arises. We will work with the associate teams to ensure their compliance, back office and planning for the future is up to standard and this remains a part of their sign off process.

Competitive mis-matches 

All of BAFA’s Premier teams have fully bought into their responsibility to field rosters, game plans and adopt an approach to make matches in all situations beneficial for both teams.


The schedule has now been passed to BAFRA and while we are working to a maximum of 21 crews per day, BAFRA may only be able provide a smaller number of crews due the restrictions of COVID-19. BAFRA is doing its utmost to crew all games and further details will follow.


All issues regarding COVID-19 will be monitored and handled on a case-by-case basis.

Result reporting

BAFA will use League Republic for results and scheduling, and we are currently rebranding and improving this service in line with the refreshed BAFA brand. Each team will be allowed two (maximum) team administrators to upload and update results and match statistics.

Match results should be posted on League Republic no later than three hours after the game ends, or 2100 of each Sunday, whichever is sooner.

Kickoff times

League Republic will be set up with a standard kickoff time of 1400. Please inform BAFA of changes to kickoff times to allow us to keep League Republic updated. As is normal practice, BAFRA will contact teams shortly before games to confirm kickoff time.


There are already some changes in venues for a variety of reasons. As soon as venues are confirmed for each game, teams should let BAFA know so that we can update League Republic.

Match statistics 

During this transitional season, we want to launch a statistics service to help celebrate outstanding play (match day reports) and statistics. BAFA will shortly be launching this service and to benefit from it, clubs will need to upload rosters to League Republic.

At the end of each game, clubs will need to upload statistics and these can be accompanied by video clips. Further details on the statistics reporting service will be shared in due course.

In 2021 we have an opportunity to practice and perfect this new service, with a view to making it a part of the future.

Match rules

The rules committee are in the final round of amendments to the playing rules with regards to the impacts of COVID-19. These will be issued under separate cover soon.

BAFA will share details of the schedules for our other disciplines shortly.