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The British American Football Association (BAFA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Krister Halvorsen and Rory McNair to the NWFL Competition Committee.

Krister will take up the role of Fixtures and Results Co-Ordinator and Rory will take up the role of Marketing Co-Ordinator, reporting to the NWFL Competition Manager Simon Browning.

Krister Halvorsen said:

“I have been working as an active on-field official for BAFRA for the past 5 years, and previous to this, I was an FA Referee for 17 years – rising to Regional League status in the UK and Norway. I also come from a background of League Administration in my time as an FA official – I am now involved with organising and delivering the annual BAFRA Convention.

“I am delighted to take up the position of Fixtures and Results Co-ordinator and be part of an exciting future for the sport going forward.

“I feel that I can successfully contribute with the administration of the co-ordinator brief and hopefully to enhance the role further going forward to sustain the smooth running of a vital cog in enhancing our involvement with American football in the United Kingdom.”

Rory MacNair said:

“I am thrilled to be taking up the position of Marketing Coordinator for the NWFL. So much effort goes into Women’s American football in the UK and I want to make sure that it receives the attention it deserves.

“I have been involved in British American football since 2015, starting out with Farnham Knights U19 and most recently serving as club president of the University of Bristol Barracuda.

“I have worked in digital marketing both in a professional setting and within Britball, and I am excited to join the fantastic team at the NWFL.”

Simon Browning said:

“Both Krister’s and Rory’s applications were really strong, and they bring a range of strengths to the roles that will really help drive our sport forward. Despite only recently coming to post, both have already hit the ground running and been working hard behind the scenes to support both myself and Arran.  I really look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

Competition Committee vacancies

There are still opportunities to be a part of the Competition Committee and if you are interested the role descriptions can be found HERE.

WCSC appointments

In addition to the NWFL Competition Committee, BAFA is also pleased to announce the addition of Afia Vicki Law, Karen Evans and Zadie Ward to the WCSC Focus Group.  Afia, Karen and Zadie will join Ben Pardey, Laura Dye, Megan Robinson and Steph Wyant in the WCSC to support the BAFA Commission Lead in the development and continuous improvement of Women’s Contact football in Great Britain.

Arran Harrison, the BAFA Commission Lead for Women’s Contact Football said:

“Whilst these are challenging times with Covid, it is also an exciting time for British American football as we look to grow the game for the future. I am delighted with the additions to the team to help us come out of the other side of this pandemic with a robust strategy for the future.

“Implementing an organisational and development structure will be instrumental in achieving a continuous development culture as we strive to create and implement the 10-year strategy for Women’s Contact football. These appointments ensure that we have a diverse representation and provides us with a broad range of insight and experience from the Women’s Contact community to ensure that players, coaches and team managers are at the forefront of the strategy.”

The WCSC Focus Group will meet on the first Thursday of every month to support the Commission Lead in the development of the overall vision and 10-year strategy for Women’s Contact football. In addition to this, we would also welcome any suggestions, thoughts, and Ideas from the community. If you would like to put forward any suggestions then please email

Credit: Andy Watts Media