The primary income stream of the British American Football Association is membership fees.

Outlined below are the fees which are due for individuals for each of the respective competition streams.

Teams may also be charged a competition entry fee.

All player fees are per competition but all memberships and insurance coverage for National Leagues Football team and player types listed below is for the year (October 1st - September 30th). All coaching fees are annual (running October 1st to September 30th)

National Leagues Football (2018)

Player Fees

  • Player Coach Flag £37
  • Adult Contact £35
  • Adult flag £24.50
  • Junior Contact £25
  • Youth Contact £20
  • Youth Flag £15.50
  • Cadet Flag £15.50

All above prices are inclusive of insurance

Team Fees

  • Associate £30
  • Adult Contact £125
  • Adult flag £25
  • Junior Contact £75
  • Youth Contact £50
  • Youth Flag £30
  • Cadet Flag £30


  • Coaching (Contact) £58.50
  • Coaching (Flag) £37

The above includes insurance and covers player coaches.


Women's Football (2017/18)

  • Opal Series: £35 (Team Registration Fee)
    Opal Series: £40 (Individual Player Fee)

  • Sapphire Series: £50 - Division 2  /  £100 - Division 1 (Team Registration Fee)
    Sapphire Series: £30 (Individual Player Fee)

  • Diamond Series: £12 per event

The Opal, Sapphire and Diamond Series fees includes the competition fee, plus BAFA membership and insurance cover for the duration of the series/event.

Student Football (2016/17)

  • British Universities Championship (in partnership with BUCS) Player Fee: £20

Coaches will be charged as below or as follows: There is no charge for a coach who was registered as a coach during the 2015 National Leagues season. There is a charge of £37 for coaches who played but did not coach during the 2015 National Leagues season. Player / coaches will be charged at no additional cost to the standard coaching fee as set out below.

There is no team registration fee.

  • BAFA Flag Championships: £5
  • Alumni Championships: £10

The Alumni Championships includes insurance. The other two elements do not as universities tend to have their own coverage. Where coverage is required we can provide.

City Series

  • £15 (Covers one event or multiple events depending upon how many the team enters)

 All fees are subject to change.